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We are Swiss Solutions, the Romanian leader in the translation and language service provision industry. We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards while delivering customised services to meet your needs.

Why choose corporate training?

In today’s business world, knowing a foreign language is a much-needed skill. Swiss Solutions delivers the perfect solution for multinational company employees: module-structured, business-focused language training.

Why choose Swiss Solutions?
  • Business language training
  • Flexible schedule
  • Free assessment
  • Teacher-led online courses
  • Class materials specifically for business language training

Foreign language training

Online courses

We provide teacher-led online courses through a dedicated platform compatible with any device


  • A platform featuring modern tools;
  • High-quality audio and video;
  • Integrated smartboard;
  • Real-time interaction with the teacher;
  • Schedule planning along with the teacher;
  • Groups of eight students or fewer;
  • Access to all the resources of a traditional course;
  • Electronic and hard-copy class materials;
  • One-on-one online course
Offline courses

We provide offline courses featuring modern teaching methods


  • The classes are held in a pleasant setting and feature modern teaching methods and tools;
  • We have the capacity to manage several groups at once;
  • Our teachers can provide classes at your company’s office;
  • For groups of at least three participants, we provide classrooms that are conveniently located in the city centre;
  • Whichever option you choose, the classes will be held according to your preferred schedule;
  • You may choose between one-on-one classes or group classes of up to 12 students.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

What will you learn?

You will learn basic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluent communication in the language of your choice.


The best choice for YOUR needs!

We can help you learn any language, from common to rare. We introduce information and interact with students in a structured manner to ensure you will attain your learning objectives. If you attend the Swiss Solutions courses, we ensure that you will speak fluently in your chosen language.