Corporate Courses - Curs Limbă Străină
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Corporate Courses

Analysis of participants' needs and goals

Testing and assignment to a foreign language level

Group, one-on-one and online courses

Progress monitoring

Mid-course and final tests


Final report

End of course


The digital component complementing the class materials is meant to integrate the class experience and help students save time and perfect their knowledge whenever they like.

Benefits of the Swiss Language Center language programs:

Flexible class schedule;

Pleasant, relaxed setting;

Modern teaching methods;

The capacity to manage several groups at once;

Classes held either at the client's office or in our classrooms in Bucharest and Timișoara;

Group courses or one-on-one sessions;

Free assessment;

Teacher-led online courses;

Digital platforms for online courses that are compatible with any device;

Focus on business communication;

Textbooks designed by native experts.